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Custom Features:

Fountains, landscape lighting and pergolas are just a few ways to customize your home's outdoor designs.

What is a patio or backyard without a free standing water fountain? A water fountain can enhance the surrounding ambiance of your outdoor sanctuary. It is also said the concept of outdoor fountains are not only ornamental but can be intriguing since the mere sight of it tends to pass positive energy throughout the body and mind. Think Zen!
Fountains by Big Orange Landscaping
Landscape Lighting:
Properly installed low voltage lighting casts a beautiful glow to showcase your newly landscaped home. You can enjoy more hours in your outdoor sanctuary while creating an elegant atmosphere for entertaining. In addition to their beauty, landscape lighting offers increased lighting for both safety and security.
Landscaping Lighting by Big Orange Landscaping
Pergolas provide a cozy refuge from our hot Florida sun, while at the same time letting in plenty of fresh air and light. Pergolas can be used for many different activities, grilling while entertaining your guests, or just providing another area for a swing or comfortable chair. Don’t forget pergolas are the perfect structure for vines, the pillars and beams provide support for vines and ensure adequate sunlight for the plant.
Pergolas by Big Orange Landscaping


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